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Detection on stainless stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless stainless steel wire netting must exist in the process of production manufacturing defects, under normal circumstances, the production should be the same user on unit area of the screen allows the nature of the main defects and reach agreement on number, under normal circumstances, the delivery of wire mesh in rolls, major drawbacks are not allowed to allow a small number of important defects exist to allow a certain number of general defects
1 major defect, refers to the flaws of the wire mesh is not allowed to, otherwise the screen can be judged to be unqualified, this kind of disease mainly refers to:
warp/weft weaving unstable, with both hands finger rub moves up and down, warp/weft wire loosening displacement has obvious,
to play serious, for a mesh size is greater than or equal to 0. 18 mm sieve, 1 meter long natural wave net surface is less than 80 mm in diameter, mesh size less than 0. 18 mm and screen mesh, 1 meter long natural wave net surface is less than 60 mm diameter
net oblique, woven wire mesh fabric is not on the vertical amplitude is greater than 4 c
more than large crease
by the difference between big net kong pays
run weft large area, with uneven surface
the warp and weft wire diameter hole, serious out-of-tolerance
half weft, larger fork
the serious uneven color of large area, mechanical damage serious
2 major defects, fork holes: more than 3 root concentration of warp
half weft, length of more than 50 centimeters
part surface uneven

thin secret local buckling, crease, corrugated
mildly curly
mild net oblique
bigger jump line, the length is more than 10 mm
large pine line, double line, and lines, the length is more than 30 mm
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