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Delivery of the strength of the stainless steel wire mesh elements which influence __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Same delivery of stainless steel wire mesh in the planning of intensity of the ordinary is the largest in the operation of static tension, to choose the safety coefficient of the situation, and included in the influence of other factors. Important influence factors of transport network strength are as follows. Static Zhang Lijing tension is functioning of transport network stability guarantee. When the stainless steel net internal tension is gay, the static tension caused by the tensile stress in the uniform distribution on cross section, along with the network operation, alternating stress happens, it is the basis of selected with strong. Stainless steel net dynamic tension is net of braking, the braking process is a highly stable process, the velocity of each particle acceleration, tension and immunity has dynamic characteristics, is a function of time. Additional stress network contain additional stress around the drum winding stress, after the transition period of additional stress, the twists and turns in vertical plane and horizontal zigzag section of additional stress. Just pick roller diameter in engineering planning, transition roller distance and shape, transport network zigzag section radius, can greatly reduce the additional stress. And because the driving drum manufacturing error or caking coal, cause the radius change, also can cause net stress distribution from the start.
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