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Conveyor mesh belt, metal belt, metal mesh, metal mesh grid

Conveyor mesh belt, metal belt, metal mesh, metal mesh grid

are widely used in glass annealing furnace, baking furnace, food machinery, chemical fiber, electronics. Metal manufacturing. Sintering furnace, brazing furnace, quenching furnace, reflow soldering, dishwasher, drying equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, coating equipment and other industries

my factory production of mesh belt with a heat resistant high strength, corrosion resistance, tensile strength, elongation of small, uniform pitch, fast heat cycle, cut about energy, long life and other advantages, specifications have crankshaft, straight shaft, diamond-shaped, single energy-saving, twin helix, etc.

with smooth surface, strong degree is high, strong corrosion resistance, tensile strength, it is not easy deformation, durable. Supply: heat treatment furnace high temperature resistant net belt; Tunnel kiln mesh belt; Drying net belt; Herringbone biscuits LuWang belt; Twin twist energy-saving mesh belt; Spray cooling mesh belt; B type mesh belt; A shape mesh belt; Vegetable cleaning mesh belt; Quick-freezing machine chain network; Iqf machine chain network; Quick-frozen horseshoe type network chain; Dehydrated vegetables production line equipment with stainless steel mesh belt, mesh chain, chain, chain, shaft, etc. Is the gold enterprises making conveyor mesh belt
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