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Commonly used screen mesh with the particle size ( Micron) table

Commonly used screen mesh with the particle size ( Micron) Table

mesh, is the number of holes, is the number of holes per square inch. The greater the number, the smaller the aperture. Generally speaking, the mesh & times; The aperture ( Micron number) =。 Such as, the purpose of sieve aperture to microns; The purpose of sieve aperture is microns. Opening rate due to the existence question, that is because the woven wire mesh with wire of different thickness, different national standards is different also, American standard, British standard and Japanese standard at present three, including Britain and the United States, Japan's difference is bigger. Is the standard used in our country, that is, calculate the formula given above.
the definition can be seen, mesh size determines the size of the mesh size. And what determines the size of the mesh size sieving the biggest particle on3dmax powder. So, we can see that purpose polishing powder is entirely possible that a very thin, such as the only - micron, also could be um, um. Because, screen mesh aperture is microns. We have micron polishing powder production purpose of D.
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