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Cold galvanized welded mesh screen mesh of the specifications of the scope of __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

by:Candurs     2020-07-20
According to the size of the gear shaft size range, can be placed in the machine, the size of the screen hole size of mesh 1/2 or hole 1/2 network decision within 1 meter number 68, 70, 72 and so on. Mesh structure is on the network using mesh structure, is a sturdy mesh structure, uniform size, such as structure, by the diameter of the weft yarn and weft yarn diameter vertical cross cross welded together. The scene of the welding net surface material is cold galvanizing line. In production process, solder joint of the solder joint will happen because of the zinc layer on the surface of the solder joints. It with the black wire welding line in the point of view is slightly different. Due to welding joint in the process of production the cause of the collapse, the selected solder joint or the selected welding wire surface of the zinc layer, due to different degree of fracture, the corrosion resistance loss of raw materials. That is to say, with cold galvanized iron wire welding wire mesh surface is very easy to use. The defects of corrosion of harmful consequences. Made of the materials of mesh for 1/2 wire mesh screen. Defects in use under the premise of the product specification is wall plaster wall construction industry using the best products, the concrete and concrete wall tiles and the cold and hot temperature difference. On this basis, the installation of cold middle coating is a good way to alleviate this situation from happening. Products on wall body laying 1/2 size of mesh, can prevent cracks on the surface of the wall, fall off and shape, so as to improve the quality of building materials inspection standard. At the same time, the building of the indoor heat preservation, sound insulation, the advantages of strong overall performance is especially suitable for modern people. Life's pursuit of the living environment of the shelter is also an expression of the real estate developers to increase sales.
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