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Chang company to return to work and production enterprise of 'five guidelines' _ chanda stainless steel rope net bar

June 21, the local government issued about & other; ” Return to work and production enterprise & other; Throughout the five notes &; “ , chang company will strictly in accordance with the requirements of the county government regulations, strengthen the disinfection management and epidemic protection. In line with the responsible for the enterprise, the employees responsible attitude, keep the outbreak off-site.
specific released below

one, the incoming information

( A) Staff the factory temperature, if there is abnormal shall not come into the

all employees need to take their return card, not holding back our factory certificate personnel prohibited in principle into the factory. Temperature is measured by the specialist for all into the factory personnel and make registration. All over. C it is forbidden to the factory, and timely report the earthly township government ( High-tech zone administrative committee) , the epidemic reporting calls - 。

( 2) Mask off recycling, spray disinfection clean hands

employees will mask off folded into the waste recycling bins masks, and alcohol by specialist staff hand spray disinfection.

( 3) Remember to replace the new masks, disinfection passage time

good employees wear new masks, retarded by disinfection channel. ( Not set disinfection channel enterprise, should arrange personnel to staff the sole, the instep, the legs to spray disinfection. )

employees into the factory, such as go out back, in principle, repeat the above steps.

2, enter the office area and workshop information

( A) Work wearing a mask, and all the distance meter cannot little

employees need to wear masks all the way, when people production, office, should try to keep distance meters, minimize the focus on the meeting, face to face communication.

( 2) Wash your hands often, regular disinfection, indoor ventilation is the most important

staff to maintain good health habits, wash your hands often, regular disinfection, and completes the workshop, office ventilation.

3, accommodation information

( A) Work clothes hanging outside for slippers again in

employees return to the lodge, shall, first of all, hang the clothes off at the door outside, came into the room to rest again after replace the slippers.

( 2) Have a distance between beds, walk before opening the window air

such as staff dormitory for many people, beds to separately, and make indoor and ventilated take a breath.

4, dining information

( A) Hand washing disinfection tableware, queuing rice have distance

employees to wash their hands after disinfection, try to use their own tableware, line up a meal needs to keep meters distance.

( 2) Synthetic single table to eat, time for dinner for several

enterprises try to arrange staff in batches, staff meal to avoid deskmate, concentrated, with people across the repast.

5, enterprise information

( A) Factory back office of disinfection, professionals point out

enterprise need to ensure that every day of the factory, office, workshop, dining hall, corridor, parking lot, toilet area disinfection two or more times, and arrange someone to employees in and out of the registration.

( 2) Clean-up normalized, epidemic prevention and control depends on everybody

good health cleaning, health habit need to be normalized insist, epidemic prevention and control to the whole people to participate in an. We firmly believe that the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade xi for the core, the county people's unity is strength, the county and enterprise, we must be able to win the epidemic prevention and control of war!

the local people's government office

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