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Breeding duck four seasons different ways of management

Scientific breeding pathogenies, should take the corresponding feeding way: according to different seasons, spring
1. Should make full use of the temperature change from cold to warm sunshine time increasing the favorable opportunity, improve the rate and egg production. One from the pathogenies feed quality and quantity to meet production needs; Second, we must pay attention to the spring heat preservation; Third, we need to keep inner dry and ventilated, do a good job in environmental hygiene, disinfection work regularly. Grazing in the rainy day to shorten the time and the temperature is high, bedding regularly cleared, and combining the weed mat disinfected.
2, the plum rainy season. Focus is mouldproof ventilation. Sheds a to open the door fully ventilated, eliminate inner dirty gas, especially when high temperature and high humidity to prevent ammonia poisoning. Change bedding, second, we must frequently keep dry duck, dredge drains, keep dry and playground. Third, we need to fight gone mouldy feed, feed cannot too much at a time, feed to be kept in dry place, once found that feed mildew, not used to feed the ducks. Four to duck regular disinfection and mainland spread of chaff ash, moisture absorption and disinfection. 5 to the ducks for an insect repellent.
3, in the summer. The focus is on cooling purposes. A regular cleaning of duck and stadiums and heat insulation cooling measures, shed roof white or kind of vines, basin with a clean, keep health and the ground is dry. Second, we must strengthen the duck ventilation, conditional installed fan. Third, we need to put a duck early, late to duck, let the duck in the open air at night cool, but need to be in the middle of the playground and light a lamp lighting around, prevent the rat animal abuse. Fourth, we need to provide plenty of cool and refreshing drink. More than five to feed the aquatic plants, such as green, and now eat now mix, prevent mildew. Within six to cut up the breeding density, no more than 6 per square metre.
4, autumn. Focus is compensatory and artificial light and overcome the climate changing, changes in temperature the effect of alternating. Want to maintain a stable one of 16 hours a day. Second, we must make warm warm, keep inner microclimate. Third, we need to appropriately increase nutrition, animal protein feed. Want to maintain a stable four operating procedures and breeding environment. 5 to the ducks were selected, pick out the production of duck out or forced to moult.
5, and winter. Thermal insulation. A need to improve of metabolic energy content in the feed, Per kilogram of feed containing 12134 - 12. 552 million kilojoules) , lower protein content (appropriately With 17 - 18% MAO) 。 Second, we must increase the breeding density, every square metre 8 - Nine ducks. Second, we must shut the doors and Windows thermal insulation and thick bedding dry grass, keep mat grass. Fourth, we need to drink warm water, mix with hot water. Five to delayed release duck in the morning, early in the evening off duck, less water at ordinary times. High temperature to duck each bath in the morning and afternoon 1 times, each time not more than 10 minutes. Six to artificial light supplement, light keep 16 hours a day. Seven is grazing before every day, let the duck in the inner movement to 5 - For 10 minutes. BaYao ensure normal supply of green feed a variety of vitamins.
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