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because of self-excited between pitting corrosion reaction to produce holes, plus close to form a solid caustic solution of chlorine ion in the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is weak parts of the surface passivation membrane, accelerate the speed of the corrosion reaction. Between the intercrystalline corrosion cracking of stainless steel, all of these, occurs in the stainless steel surface passivation membrane damage. Therefore, on the surface of the stainless steel cleaning and maintenance must be regularly in order to maintain its surface and prolong life. Must be carefully cleaned the scratch phenomenon will occur when the surface of the stainless steel can be taken, and avoid the use of washing liquid bleach components, steel ball, a kind of abrasives, to remove liquid detergent, and then in the end flush the surface with clean water washing.
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often determine how to calculate distance with nickel steel ( 倪) Molybdenum ( MO) , manganese, Mn) Related to specific elements of the color change. On the stainless steel market in China at present there is a lot of determination of liquid products, imported from Japan and other countries, many of them are made in China. Especially in the stainless steel industry in China and stainless steel scrap recycling industry relatively developed areas, and some of the previous chemical technology enterprise engaged in chemical reagents, as well as the demand of the stainless steel industry developed stainless steel liquid measurement.
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due to the system of microelectronics, information technology is the introduction of song, made the production of advanced system engineering skills, be able to control the material flow, energy flow and information flow of the production process.
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all kinds of spray coating, and curing of different function, under the premise of spraying process, methods are different. Users can use according to the shape of a stainless steel wire mesh, size, piling up. In practice for rapid drying, solvent evaporation heat cured paint or coating is often used, whether through natural drying or expectation effect, can realize a simple drying process.

how welding technology between dingxi stainless steel net researchers paid more attention to technology, mesh sieve sieve sieve plate generally choose screen mesh, screen mesh separation efficiency is much higher than other, life is also higher than other types of screen mesh equipment. Its version of the material selection technology is more complicated and messy, general equipped with multi-layer sieve and composite materials, superstructure, shield and so on, compared with light sieve plate, is the other half of the mesh sieve plate used in the machine.
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with stainless steel screen mesh common damage is half the problem, you can still use. The winding layer of the stainless steel screen mesh, typically by stainless steel wire mesh at the top of winding drum, sometimes because of improper operation, may appear the top stainless steel sieve drum winding phenomenon, when the winding line will be a serious deformation, cannot use.
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and then clean with ammonia or neutral sodium carbonate solution, and then clean with neutral detergent or warm water. Stainless steel mesh surface of stainless steel screen mesh has rainbow line, which is caused by excessive use of detergents or oil. When catharsis available neutral detergent wash with warm water. Fouling caused by corrosion on the surface of stainless steel available % nitrate or abrasive detergent or special scour to clean.
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