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As the development and application of screen mesh

As the development and application of screen mesh

screen mesh, two effects of collocation with
we in wudi salt factory in turn change the small drum ( Φ ) Screen mesh, staggered with two different types of screen mesh, collocation is a kind of new type stainless steel screen mesh, the other is a double screen mesh material, two symmetrical staggered installation screen, used for solid-liquid separation powder refined salt. When the output reaches. M t, ordinary net scrap, double material net only worn away. mm。 Under the changing of a new set of common network under the double material net and collocation is installed on the original site continue to test, according to the abrasion quantity and the ratio of the salt, a set of double material net life is original stainless steel net life times, show the wonder to the desired effect, and at the same time with the life of the ordinary sieve is also greatly improved, growth of %. And it improved the working efficiency of the centrifuge dewatering

and the development of the new type of centrifuge filtering screen
to improve structure, reducing the loss of salt because the gap between the original filter screen bar is a trapezoidal, as the screen under the wear and tear on the trapezoidal move, so the mesh clearance increases, if the trapezoid parallel extended upward a flat bottom section, then the gap will not change after screen wear, fine salt erosion problem will be solved. The first set of modified sieve through rivers saltworks test filtering effect is not good, fresh water net increase. Analysis reason is a parallel section increases the filtering resistance, of which there were two fine salt in the parallel period of blocking water channels. Will redesign our, parallel to the small ladder structure, fine-tuning, the Angle of the trapezoid and the length of the upper, adjusting screen clearance, after many changes the trial is successful, achieve the desired effect, as shown in the double trapezoidal sew the mesh screen. When each output reaches. M t, wear with normal screen. Mm, clearance by the normal screen. Mm down to. Mm below, to reduce the loss of fine salt increases the rate of products.

, choose wear-resisting material improve
we improve the sieve sieve life purpose is to extend the life of the screen, select several kinds of wear-resistant anti-corrosion material into a single piece of mesh and ordinary steel mesh with collocation, compare experiment, the experiment found a kind of material high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, high hardness, accord with the requirement of longevity, but the poor toughness and brittleness is too strong, the disadvantage influence install and use, in order to overcome this shortcoming, this kind of material to stainless steel composite board, forming a double layer composite material, both the underlying ( At the grass-roots level) Stainless steel, the surface ( Working layer) With this kind of wear resistant material, so that the entire product has both flexibility, and special wear-resistant as shown, achieved the effect of prolong service life. This technology has been 'won the national patent.
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