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As is known to all, stainless steel wire rope is by high strength, high corrosion resistance, high quality stainless steel wire on the machine in accordance with the provisions of a rope twist into the consistence of differences, is using one of the most broad rope lifting work. With wide application of stainless steel wire rope, responsibility is more and more big, safety coefficient is also gradually reduced. How to safe use of stainless steel wire rope become consumers of the problem. Today, the first explanation are using stainless steel wire rope what factors should be considered. Are using stainless steel wire rope mechanical safety coefficient was using stainless steel wire rope, coupled to sure the safe coefficient of steel wire rope, the proper choice safety coefficient is applied and plans to use wire rope tension of the first major premise. It is necessary to ensure safe, reliable, on the basis of consistent waste. Was sure safe coefficient, the secondary thought to include the elements of steel wire rope is in the process of using tensile, kneading and bending stress of the brief shape, each root stress of the steel wire or steel wire rope is not the same, this no symmetry stress is difficult to accurately plan. Wire rope mechanical plan, normal and nearby easily. Stainless steel wire rope is lifting equipment is lifting device, often have the charge and oscillation. Such as wire rope is suddenly stopped and a hanging equipment, have can occur is much bigger than static load of dynamic load. Wire rope are in the process of using was rope card for wear, corrosion, damage, etc. , will be the strength of the response to it. To sum up, in order to improve the safety factor of stainless steel wire rope and add the stainless steel wire rope life spans, needs to choose suitable safety coefficient and bending than larger, head for different needs to choose the appropriate stainless steel wire rope.
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