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Application field of stainless steel wire mesh (wire mesh products co. , LTD

Stainless steel net applications you know, actually we can ignore a lot, but consider now's not too late to learn. Let's learn the application areas of stainless steel wire mesh. Assembly line transmission network, metal heat treatment furnace high temperature resistant net; Stainless steel wire mesh; Transmission networks; Tunnel kiln mesh; The Great Wall net; Drying net; Tuzhuang equipment net; Spraying equipment net; Cleaning machine network; Food; Clean food conveyor chain plate. Stainless steel chain plate; Herringbone network; Twin twist energy-saving network; Spray cooling network; B type network; Baffle conveying; The chain conveyor; Fruit and vegetable cleaning net; Quick-freezing machine chain network; Iqf machine chain network; Quick-frozen horseshoe type network chain; Conveyor chain net for vegetables dehydration lines equipment. Etc. Food biscuit industry: net, cooling injection machine, bending machine network, chocolate coating machine b type network. At the same time, production machinery, spraying b network and meat conveying b network, import machine ultra-thin energy-saving network; The instant noodles and rice industry; Steamed, Fried box, drying box, comb wire cutting knife, knife, knife, comb, fulcrum, molding box, etc. All kinds of frozen food and vegetables dehydration assembly line equipment with stainless steel flat chain. , chip removal chain, conveyor chain, mesh, shaft, etc. ; Glass annealing LuWang, roast LuWang, lose bottle machine network, Mosaic, specifications have crankshaft, straight shaft, the diamond type, double helix. Manufacture all kinds of chain plate turning machine, mesh conveyor and the design and manufacture of metal mesh chain. In the production of spring wire diameter range 0. 25 - 14 mm, compression spring, torsion spring, spring, tension spring, butterfly spring, snake spring etc.
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