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welcome you to read the film on stainless steel wire mesh filter precision is how to calculate the relevant article
stainless steel net surface adhesion of bleach and all kinds of acid, immediately wash with water, and then, in an ammonia solution or neutral soda solution with warm water or neutral detergent for washing.

dongguan how between luoyang stainless steel wire mesh welding stainless steel factory to remind everyone not to maintenance of sprocket can also, but regularly, regular maintenance, is also a very lengthy process, only in this way, can lengthen the sprocket. In the process of maintenance and don't forget to check the operation of gear and bearing.
how tangshan shaoguan stainless steel wire mesh, cut out of the
comprehensive dynamic parameters, such as aperture size uniform, clean appearance, uniformity and other things the combination of the specification of the content, to find any type of choice and information and data maintenance numerical stability level network of more demand. Use the parts.
zhenjiang stainless steel net layer stainless steel pot like
stainless steel net furnace frame of employees as very important, if improper operation, can produce a large amount of waste, delay time, cause loss of future economic development. Stainless steel net furnace is it now with the continuous development of industry, stainless steel net furnace industry is also in development, but with the development of the society, all walks of life are also need to have stainless steel net furnace grow high, the stainless steel net furnace are slower to use.
how to cut stainless steel wire mesh in shenyang
in the production of a large number of common stainless steel net meaning is: in order to improve the competitiveness of the market, small profits, sales volume is big, can immediately delivered to the buyer, grab some potential customers.
jixi mesh precision stainless steel net weight how
verify accurate weaving is divided into three levels: precision, mesh must not exceed eviation restrictions; 吗? Precision level above? Yongjiaxian sanjing less than? Main item and net hole the size of the test arithmetic mean. To test the quality of the metal basketwork cannot screen manufacturing defects in the production process, in general, rolled piece.
lincang of the specifications of the stainless steel wire mesh is how to determine the
with the oxide layer on the copper sulfate removal, above a drop of water, wipe with copper sulfate. If don't change color after wiping, generally for the stainless steel; If it becomes purple for nonmagnetic high manganese steel, usually for ordinary steel or low alloy steel with magnetic. Stainless steel net wear away the difference between the stainless steel is on the grinding machine grinding, observed the spark. If the spark is linear, and the density of the larger, compared to high manganese steel and high manganese content in manganese nitrogen steel; If there is no knot, is chrome steel or chromium nickel stainless steel.
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