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stainless steel net cylinder shape: round straight, tapered tube, can also according to customer demand, convenient to use. Stainless steel net box in a single or double compounds, can also use multilayer, its effect can be, in order to protect and support filter layer of the filters. Factory production of seam welding filter cartridge and filter core side. Cartridge winding process become more complicated and expensive. Made of stainless steel net square hole into which the box specifications stainless steel wire mesh mesh mesh mesh type I filter made of stainless steel filter mesh net, punching mesh stainless steel wire mesh tube usually support or protection.
milli state foshan stainless steel net volume is how to calculate the
zoom on moulding machine error, woven disorders share a common compression ratio, in order to form in the process of fracture. Approach is to ensure that the machine die absolute size scale. Die oil might disrupt the process water, mold forming short coarse pitch, tightening share in disorder and broken wires.
nanchong kaifeng kitchen stainless steel net how
filter cleaning stainless steel net is becoming more and more diversified and use filtering processing stainless steel net goods discharge processing color art processing methods are: stainless steel products - etching, silk screen printing - - - alkali metal oxide disposal of nonferrous - - alkali waste disposal. Stainless steel wire mesh screen chemical methods, without using the pigments and dyes, but filter stainless steel net soak in chromium tepid sulfuric acid solution, chemical coloring suspension, is characterized by good resistance to food.
hebei stainless steel wire mesh screen window edge to prick the hand to do
the manufacture of each product has its certain functions, or unable to obtain further development and application of but can't get the recognition of users, and today we are going to mention stainless steel net conveyer, too, from the aspects of production technology has been further improved. Strong net conveyor line is suitable for the modern mesh conveyor belt, laying off-road time. Huanggang stainless steel net how statistical weight

stainless steel net with strict working environment and storage conditions, should pay special attention to this kind of operation of the stainless steel net, give full play to its unique characteristics, in order to improve transport efficiency. Stainless steel wire mesh storage conditions are as follows.
qingyang stainless steel wire mesh weaving inclined seam to do
network serious warp and weft yarn on the surface of the Internet, the web width is not more than ° vertically; Large multiple fold; The king of the radial cells than tolerable; Big difference in density of super; Latitude run, mesh uniform, The warp and weft yarn diameter tolerance is serious; Hole, half weft fork; Large uneven color of serious, serious mechanical damage.
how zhongshan stainless steel net of magnetic
stainless steel net is used widely. In our age, we often see all kinds of stainless steel wire mesh products, they can be used in various environments. So how to deal with high temperatures of work? Due to poor heat conductivity of stainless steel, need long time heating, the artifacts from the center to the surface temperature uniformity. Low temperature, temperature uniformity is poor, need to warm up.
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