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Anping gather into logistics as hebei central logistics center to support the largest anping wire mesh industry fast development

Within the logistics park in hengshui city, hebei province, jingzhou city, hubei province special line of trucks ready, welded wire mesh, stainless steel plate mesh, crimped wire mesh and other wire mesh products with a full car, to delivery the cargo owner xiao Yang said: 'my customers far, timely and accurate delivery greatly improved my reputation, customers are very satisfied, business is getting better and better. Thanks to my developed logistics. 'We have learned, along with the opening of the Tibet line, more than 130 logistics lines have besides Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan through the country, scope of business can reach more than 600 large, medium and small cities, formed the' buy nation, sale nation 'big logistics pattern.

is a famous silk screen, especially in recent years, the screen industry got rapid progress, walked out of a high technological content, good economic benefits, low energy consumption, no pollution, human resources superiority obtains to make full use of the new industrialization road. Now have stalls 1 wire mesh industry and trade enterprises. 1 m, employees 140000 people, the annual consumption of more than 400 ten thousand tons of stainless steel material, netting more than 500 million square meters, stainless stainless steel wire mesh production and exports account for more than 80% of the country. They also set up at home and abroad more than 6300 sales outlets, more than 400 trading companies, formed a thought center covers, radiation domestic foreign wire mesh business sales and transportation networks. Silk screen processing required for wire rod, stainless steel plate and other raw material continuously shipped from all over the country, the processed wire mesh products and timely delivery to sales outlets across the country, the industrious and intelligent people saw 'borrow wealth-generating' good business opportunities, also has given rise to a new industry - — Modern logistics industry.

screen industry to promote the sustainable and healthy and rapid development, full fill the screen product defects on transportation, actively planning, combined with its own industry characteristics and the adjustment of the industrial layout, according to the 'large-scale, large frame, large logistics' principle, from the big wide high-speed opening, investment of 5. 2 billion yuan on the planning and construction in east industrial cluster into international logistics industrial park, the park covers an area of 3040 mu, is divided into business district, information center, distribution areas, the market of stainless steel material, the bonded area six functional partition and facilities area, after the completion of daily average cargo handling capacity of 100000 tons, will hold all the cargo transport in and around city, become the largest modern logistics center in going characteristic. At the same time, also set up the modern logistics information network, vigorously develop e-commerce, active use of online electronic payment mode, promote the information resources management system, using the global satellite positioning technology and information exchange technology, on-line management, resource optimization configuration and business online tracking, monitoring, query, raise the level of logistics service and rapid response capacity, greatly improving the wire mesh products distribution and circulation ability. Also invest 200 million yuan to build a super level 60 meters wide road connects logistics base and a big wide high-speed, to reduce the pressure on the transportation of logistics park. It is understood that the logistics park covers an area of 873. 8 acres of layer 2 screen cargo distribution area has been capped, is expected to be put into use early next year, in order to further promote the development of logistics industry has laid a solid foundation, the development of silk industry can play a powerful role in promoting.
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