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Analyze why did king kong mesh screen window price difference so big __ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

King kong network security network to choose high strength stainless steel made by silk, looks after electrophoresis coating process can be long withstand all sorts of severe weather or environmental corrosion factors such as the harm of acid rain, structure design of people-oriented, true complete without alienation, without feeling, no depression, indoor adhere to bright natural at any time. So why price difference so big? Mesh: the mesh is unqualified, slants thin directly affect the network weight. Size: king kong net thickness of wire diameter, wire diameter is fine, the lower the capital. Powder: king kong network using outdoor powder, ensure that decade, advocate use akzo brand. Raw material: as long as 304, 316, the raw material of king kong network can do ten years does not rust, now in the market presents a good variety of raw materials: 201, high carbon steel and low carbon steel, manganese steel, hot dip galvanized, etc. We buy 304 kong network, price moderate, and not easy to rust. Weaving methods: qualified kong net net surface is smooth, rendering the crimped wire weaving in the market now, its appearance has AoTuGan, careful see, a wire is a root straight wire is bent, crimped wire weaving out future net show massiness, but its capital is low, flat knitting machine weft is a secondary card, and the price of the machine is embossed machine several times.
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