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stainless steel filter applications: mainly used for the separation of gas and liquid filtration medium such as; Acid and alkali environment sieving and filtering; Petroleum industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry as screen, plating industry as pickling screening; Widely used in precision pressure filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter, air filter and heat treatment etc as the filter material; Also used in construction, textile, medicine, aerospace, metallurgy, coal, mineral resources, light industry, machinery, and other fields. Electronics and household appliances, mechanical equipment and motor fan blade cover safety protection. Oil refining, pharmaceutical, sugar, rubber tire manufacturing, food and health research etc, and the best of machine tools, automobile equipment supporting products.
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some of the damage may be caused by, stainless steel screen mesh size is too long, not tight tension screw, the tensioning device has a problem of sieving machine, and tension board screening machine do not match, ( Hook) Or tension board thinning deformation, shape and the size of the stainless steel flange mesh tension board is incomplete, resulting in damaged screen welding structure is destroyed, wear or bring rubber is available.
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air quality will be in the wind speed is high, drop filter attenuation rate is the highest value of rapid purification ability, has the motor and the impact on machine, they will be dirty air stream delivery to the room, so it is the first condition of safe and durable. Consider to choose cost-effective lines.

haikou how very fine stainless steel wire mesh welding products is the interval between many test, which not only have played an important role to maintain, improve the effect of the visual appearance. Personalized color choices, can free collocation with stainless steel mesh according to your demand, make match your individual needs and environment.
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what you know about stainless steel net application, but now I think it's not too late. We will learn about the application of stainless steel net. Metal pipeline transmission, high temperature heat treatment furnace network; Stainless steel wire mesh; Transmission network; Tunnel kiln mesh; The Great Wall net; Drying net; Tuzhuang equipment net; Spraying equipment net; Cleaning machine network; Food; Food chain plate cleaning.
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element of different kinds of media, such as elements, liquid concentration, temperature, pressure, speed on the corrosion of the stainless steel wire mesh different effects. Wire mesh stainless steel is relative, therefore, incomplete, general. It is necessary to pay attention to our business.

nanping stainless steel net how to calculate weight disadvantage is that the labor intensity is high, the pollution is serious, messy parts processing, and luster, burnish duration is not long, and boring and rust. Suitable for processing the simple components, small and medium-sized products. Chemical polishing. Its advantage is processing equipment, less investment, scatters clutter, quick speed, high efficiency, good corrosion resistance. The downside is the difference in brightness, gas overflow, need ventilation, heating difficult. Suitable for processing small batch disorderly parts and small parts of low light intensity of the product.
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