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a lot of people think that stainless steel net never rust stainless steel, in fact, good corrosion resistance of stainless steel. The reason is that the passive film is formed on the surface, it is a kind of oxide exists in nature in the form of a more stable. That is to say, through the use of stainless steel, but the condition is different, different oxidation degree, but was eventually oxidation, this phenomenon is often referred to as corrosion.
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easy way, result in wire mesh stainless steel mesh barrier, the reasons are the following: spherical particles or pores and stainless steel wire mesh, multiple contact simple plane or appearance is due to the large size of the contact, the contact point; Impurities filtration material jam, many rich particles close to the mesh of stainless steel wire mesh size.
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stainless steel and other materials exposed to the atmosphere, the stainless steel will be dirty. Future information analysis of factors affecting the design of the cost of maintenance and cleaning. However, rain erosion, but also has the correlation between the artificial and washing dirty surface. Manufacturers of stainless steel stainless steel net through the same strip rust cleaning method directly placed in the atmosphere, and there is a shelf, which determine the rains washed out effect.
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stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire mesh specifications corresponding woven wire diameter of products will reduce gradually, according to the corresponding table, there are in our factory this kind of news, also have not clear or don't understand customer, at the time corresponding to the analysis of reference data, the form of don't know or don't understand the question, can call our factory! GB standard stainless steel net is installing our domestic market,? Ither customer or our manufacturer or distributor acknowledge or aware of standard! Yiyang stainless steel net how clean the dirt

main steel parts such as oil removal, rust removal, phosphating treatment, commonly used water decontamination cleaning fluid and oil removal, with mechanical or chemical cleaning, phosphating is soaked in acid thinner parts ( Density is:. PH值::) The reaction between the two will happen.
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stainless steel is a kind of stainless steel wire material is mesh, stainless steel wire weaving machine ( Nonwoven fabric, for example) Have strong corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and made its first depend on all kinds of woven mesh, cloth products, stainless steel screen mesh in the appearance of the passivation film, if the film is incomplete or flawed, stainless steel corrosion. In addition to corrosion resistance, but also has the function of the high temperature oxidation resistance, good low temperature performance and excellent mechanical properties, it is mainly used for corrosion intent only at the request of the neat and beautiful, and pickling passivation information don't need made of stainless steel.
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stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel surface treatment has a variety of methods, can be roughly divided into two kinds: one kind is by processing make the stainless steel surface gloss, using lustre contrast the formation of art of picture processing; The second is give color composition. In this case, the silk screen printing method used for etching and coating.
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