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About the annealing stainless steel wire mesh

Also known as HuoShaoSi annealing silk, people used to call it the annealed wire, some of the specifications of the stainless steel wire mesh must be made, annealing silk to annealed wire is made of low carbon stainless steel cold drawn, heating and constant temperature, heat preservation, etc and become a kind of soft stainless stainless steel wire products. Stainless steel wire is different according to the use, composition is different also, it contains ingredients are: stainless stainless steel, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and other elements. Hot metal billet rolling into 6. Article 5 mm thick of stainless steel wire rod, and then put it in the drawing into a line of different diameter, the plant was narrowed gradually and drawing plate aperture, for cooling, annealing, plating and other processing technology made into all kinds of different specifications of the stainless stainless steel wire. Annealed wire has good elasticity and flexibility, can control its degree of hardness and softness in the annealing process, made from high quality stainless stainless steel wire, mainly used in construction as binding wire and cable tie. There are mainly 5 # - wire 38 # ( Silk by 0. 17 - 4. 5毫米) Than ordinary black stainless stainless steel wire is more soft, more flexibility and softness, chroma. As bending must be used when through the large stainless steel wire mesh specifications wire annealing, some customers have some doubts about the annealing silk, feel soft annealed wire wear certainly isn't good, in fact this is a kind of subjective feeling, annealed wire than normal stainless stainless steel wire stainless steel wire wear resistance is better, even better than 65 strong abrasion resistance is good, but the annealing silk price is pretty high, slightly higher than the 65 stainless steel fiercely, about 1000 yuan more expensive than black stainless steel per ton. Wire fire back the wear resistance of stainless steel wire mesh for customer friends, don't worry, just net surface hardness of the annealed wire stainless steel wire mesh is not very high.

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