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A grateful heart

There was a middle-aged man named Stevens when a programmer in a company, he has been in the software company for eight years. However, in this year, the company went bankrupt. At this moment, Stevens's third son was just born, huge economic pressure make him out of breath.

so, Stevens started long looking for a job career. A month has passed, however, he found nothing. One day, Stevens read in the paper a software company to hire programmers, treatment is very good. He rushed to the company, ready to attend to apply for. To apply for the number of too many, the competition will be fierce. After a simple conversation, the company to attend the written test after him with one week's notice. In the written examination, Stevens easily again, the rest of the only two days after the interview.

however, in this final guanzhong, Stevens was not option. Resentment, but Stevens just wrote a letter to the company, to show gratitude. The letter wrote: 'thank you for your company cost manpower and material resources, gave me a written test and interview. Although I LaPin but by applying my big long knowledge, benefit. '

after receiving the letter, the company will be moved by such a letter, the last President also know this matter. Three months later, the coming year, Stevens, a fine New Year card, read: respect of Mr. Stevens, if you like, please and we spend the New Year, greeting card is from his last company. Originally, the company opened up again, they first think of Stevens.

Stevens to apply for the company is famous company in the United States, and more than ten years, Stevens with excellent performance, has done the vice President of the company.

a lot of time, often with a grateful heart, pious to all those who know and don't know me. For they had given me a hands, a smile, a love, enough to let me in the deep of life when enron and emotional aftertaste. With gratitude mentality to face everything, including failure, you will find that life is wonderful.
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