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A few of the features of stainless steel wire section of this year, once gone, fans support - News and information - Business information - China

With the approaching of the Devon community in 2019 stainless steel wire section, the Devon community is in preparation for the event. Treat the audience as food and clothing parents guo degang once said in the stainless steel wire section show only fans, stainless steel wire section is their holiday, audience present are is your own family, so the stainless steel wire section of home every year. Devon community on the one hand, rapid advances to continue this year, on the other hand is to skate, compared to 2018, the noise and busy, more like Devon community in precipitation in the year 2019. 2019 Devon community has been faced with a lot of rest, and it can be seen that Devon community is not like on the surface, but they are in danger of capsizing. It was also because of this, so the Devon community and guo degang can only rely on only the audience, from this year's stainless steel wire section can also be seen on the cast guo for the show how seriously. But this year the stainless steel wire section is different from usual, this is a new market under the condition of Devon community made some change. Once upon a time, when ShangYan audience gifts has become a beautiful scenery of Devon community, and especially when Zhang Yunlei performance, the audience gave gifts team long two columns. In this year's new rules on screenings, such scenes of stainless steel wire in the third quarter of this year, this year from Devon community specified by gift, don't carry gift comes into play, and suggested that also means that Devon community ShangYan when the gifts are common link is cancelled. Because gifts sometimes bad master scale at this stage, will seriously affect the performance to meet the plan and schedule. Guo degang once for a long time to encourage the audience sound recording or video recording, because in guo opinion no matter through what way, as long as listen to the crosstalk yourself will be very happy, because of this online guo degang crosstalk can be seen everywhere, many in the audience feel owe the guo degang a concert tickets. Guo degang and falling, sound recording or video recording at the scene does not ban, but the performance specified sound recording or video recording, probably because the show sold the copyright reasons. In addition, this movie also aimed at once the performance when the audience blind grounds made Suggestions, many works of Devon community baggage that the audience is very clear, so a lot of audience will grounds, some of the audience interaction grounds, but there are also some viewers plane lived, originally actor bedding for a long time, but because some people blind grounds, baggage is not ringing. For this movie regulation issued by the Devon community, fans, because the success of a show without actor, also cannot leave the audience's understanding and support.
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