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500 stainless steel printed mesh

Mesh stainless steel printing network

I plant independent production of stainless steel wire mesh series products have a wide range of excellent features: high precision, high yield strength, low elongation, no static, high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, thermal resistance and solvent resistance effect is outstanding; Precision and mesh founder, mesh standard, high permeability, smooth surface, no joint silk knot, filtering value accurately, resilient rate is good, don't change due to ultraviolet radiation intensity, stable structure overprint precision; Breaking technology used to ensure that screen net section structure more stable, effective control of printing ink quantity, net cloth used in the process of structure performance is greatly increased, not collapse, not easy exhaustion; Through carefully selected special stainless steel alloy materials and the use of the most advanced weaving technology, ensure the compact precision woven structure and thickness of the standard screen, keep the tolerance in the allowed range, further improve the precision of the silk screen can fully meet the requirements of high quality printing and filtering.
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