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321 stainless steel wire mesh can be production of the specifications of the scope and application of __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Metallographic arrangement for austenitic stainless steel 321, 321 stainless steel of Ti as a secure element exists, but it is hot steel at the same time, in high temperature is better than 316 l. 321 stainless steel in different concentration and temperature of organic acid and inorganic acid, especially in oxidizing medium has outstanding resistance to abrasion function, used to make the fabrics of wear resistant acid containers and equipment, transport pipeline. Stainless steel is Ni - 321 Cr- Ti type austenitic stainless steel, its function and 304 are very similar, but because joined the metal titanium, make its have the better grain boundary corrosion resistance and high temperature strength. Because the increase of titanium, making it useful to manipulate the composition of the chromium carbide. Can produce the standard range of 321 stainless steel wire mesh, the thickness of 0. More than 4 mm, item number 0. 1 - Near 180 mesh, 321 stainless steel wire trademark China USA Japan UK Germany 1 cr18ni9ti321, 321920 x10crniti189321 S32100, TP321SUS321304S12, stainless steel wire mesh use: used in grain boundary corrosion resistance high open in the field of chemical, coal, oil, industrial machinery, building materials heat-resistant parts and heat treatment are difficult parts 1, oil gas burning pipe shell 2, 3 engine exhaust pipe, boiler, heat exchanger, furnace parts 4, deadened the noise of diesel engine parts 5, boiler pressure 6, 7, 8 elastic joint, chemical transporter combustion furnace pipe and dryers with spiral welded pipe 321 stainless steel chemical composition CrNiTiFeCSiMnPS 17 or less. 0 - 19. 08. 0 - 11. 00. 5 - 0. More than 8 0. 121. 02. 00. 0350. 03321 stainless steel mechanical function: yield strength sigma b ( MPa) Tensile strength of sigma 0. 2 ( MPa) Elongation delta (5 %) Hardness is 205 or 520 / MPa or greater or higher 35% HBS 187 or less, HRB 90 or less, the standard of the HV 200 or less heat treatment and metallographic arranged heat treatment standard: 1, fast solution 920 ~ 1150 ℃ cold; 2, according to buyer's requirements for safe treatment, heat treatment temperature of 850 ~ 930 ℃, but it must be noted in the contract.
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