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304 n stainless steel printed mesh/precision circuit board printing net/net/printing circuit board with mesh cloth

N stainless steel printing network/precision circuit board printing net/net/printing circuit board with net cloth

stainless steel printing network usually also called ultra-thin wire cloth, is a kind of special wire cloth used in the printing industry, using plain weave or twill weave process.

stainless steel printed mesh mesh to tetragonal, adjacent side two lines for the degree of Angle, high permeability. With smooth surface can not have joint silk knot, mesh uniform, high friction strength, stretching response rates is small, resistance to acid and alkali, not change due to ultraviolet radiation intensity. Through the use of carefully selected special alloy materials, and using the most advanced weaving technology makes special stainless steel printing network structure is compact, while maintaining the net thickness within the allowed tolerance range small drawing tension of high value and the net, increase the precision of the network is more suitable for high density print.



high tension: stainless steel printing network Zhang Liyuan is higher than ordinary polyester mesh.

ultra-precision: uniform wire diameter and aperture, extremely low difference.

low elongation: screen elongation is very small.

high flexibility: stainless steel printing network has a high elasticity.

high corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance, even more than polyester fiber.

anti-static: electrostatic printing, ensure the safety of the printing.

good hot melt: stainless steel wire mesh special functions, suitable for hot melt ink.

good solvent resistance, good solvent resistance, and make sure its clean, complete. Application:

stainless steel printed mesh is suitable for printing plate, the surface for the surface of printing products. Especially suitable for use in harsh environments, multi-color overprint, batch printing, transfer printing, precision is suitable for printing. Also widely used in textile, glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber and other industries, as well as aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, and other areas of the high-tech melt filter, etc.
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