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10 stainless stainless steel wire mesh parameters is introduced

10 mesh stainless stainless steel wire mesh parameters:

stainless stainless steel wire mesh material


weaving way

plain weave


10 orders,

wire diameter

0. 5 mm

net wide

1 m

net long

30 m

opening rate


mesh size

2. 4 mm

10 mu stainless stainless steel wire mesh is one inch length within 10 mesh.

10 orders, commonly used wire diameter stainless stainless steel wire mesh: 0. 5mm,0. 6毫米,0。 7毫米,0。 8mm。
the characteristics of stainless stainless steel wire mesh:
1. Precision construction, uniform mesh, filtration precision is good, good corrosion resistance, solid and durable, acid-proof, alkali resistance, wear-resisting performance, etc.
2。 High degree of finish, don't need to surface treatment, maintenance is convenient and simple.
3。 Resistance to high temperature oxidation, 304 stainless stainless steel screen mesh resistance temperature is 800 degrees Celsius.
4。 High strength, strength, toughness and wear resistance is strong, durable.
the purpose of the stainless stainless steel wire mesh:
1. Used for acid and alkali environment conditions screening and filter, oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry, screen mesh, plating industry as pickling mesh.
2。 Used in mining, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing, aerospace research and transportation and other industries.
3。 Widely used in industry and construction industry, screening sand, filter liquid and gas. Can also be used for the mechanical attachment of safety protection, etc. , and it can also be used to replace the slivers of walls and ceiling. Still can make lunch box nets, coal washing nets, etc.
10 orders, the characteristics of stainless stainless steel wire mesh plain weave: each warp in each weft wire through the cross, the warp and weft wire thickness, silk warp yarn and weft weaving way into an Angle of 90 degrees. I plant production of 10 mesh number of stainless stainless steel mesh uniform, smooth surface, clean oil, colour and lustre is consistent.
stainless stainless steel wire mesh packing: inside the roll of paper tube, outsourcing moistureproof paper, plastic film, woven bag.
our factory can according to user's requirements in the production of various specifications of wire mesh products.
stainless steel net factory network industry.
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