China flexible building stainless steel cable network factory。

Candurs serves best stainless steel cable mesh & stainless steel wire rope fittings for flexible construction projects

Wholesale and custom 2020 most popular stainless steel cable mesh and wire rope fittings at Dongguan Candurs Cable Mesh Systems co., ltd., one of leading cable mesh and fitting supplier

Candurs cable mesh factory has a wealth of professional cable mesh and fittings engineers rich in experience, providing global customers with high-quality stainless cable mesh and rope fittings at reasonable price. 

 We provide a small number of free samples for inspection or testing. Free shipping supported!

Easy to use building cable network

Candurs is here to produce easy & fast installation stainless steel rope net and stainless steel wire rope fittings which have been widely applied for different facilities.

Established in 2011, Candurs Cable Mesh factory has been staffling up and scaling up, it has been serving for customers from both inside and outside, its stainless steel products have been given strong affirmation by its customers.

 All made of class 316 stainless steel. Diamond mesh style. We can provide color surface treatment, prefabricated frame panels and other special grid solutions.

Contact us and get free sample, you will find Candurs cable mesh and fittings factory is just the right fit for your best partner in long-lasting stainless steel rope net and fittings business .


6000 +

output 6000+ m2 per month


20+ Country Exported


70% Export Europe

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